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Why not get paid for your video gaming skills


And I guess you’ve heard that some smart cookies are actually getting paid to play video games and you’re wondering if it’s just an urban myth?

So I’m happy to tell you it is NOT.

You see the video game business is now bigger than the movie business – worth about $62 BILLION currently. And with that sort of money at stake, games have to be as perfect as humanly possible.

Because if a game is released with a even few bugs in it, the bad news will spread like wildfire on line, sales will bomb and the game’s creators will lose millions.

So – with that sort of money at stake – it’s a drop in the ocean for the games makers to pay you up to $30 an hour to test their games to destruction, so they can fix any bugs before launch day.

And while $30 might be a drop in the ocean to the games companies, it soon adds up to a handy income for you – particularly when you’re ALSO enjoying yourself playing games that no one else in your neighborhood has even seen yet.

So don’t waste another minute playing video games for nothing, when you could be getting paid up to 30 bucks an hour for doing exactly what you enjoy doing anyway:


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